This week we have learnt/reminded ourselves of how to use TT rockstars and Oxford Owl reading

This means at home we can access lots of books and learn our timestables!

Please use the log ins that have already been provided.

These will also be stuck into their Reading Diary incase you need them

Happy Friday and remember school is closed on Monday 30th November

Home spelling sheets

Keep practicing your spellings every evening.

REMEMBER: Look, Say, Write and Check

Times tables

We are focusing on 7 times table this week.

Parents evening consultation.

There will be parents evening this week. From tomorrow Tuesday, 24th November, expect a phone call from your child’s teacher. It will be a good opportunity for parents/ guardians to get some updates of your child’s academic progress.

PE Day is always Thursday. Please, remember to send your child to school in their PE kit.

Year 3 are on fire!

This week we have had a super busy week! We have been investigating nutritional value in science, writing all about horses and 2 of us got a deputy head teachers award from Miss Smith. We are so proud!!

We also received our medals from the London Marathon!

We also have been learning how to use a laptop correctly and have all been playing numbots and TTrockstars! Vihaan takes 1st place! Can you beat him?

Online learning for Nursery

Friday 20th Nov
Let’s get active Try the Disney inspired indoor games and 10 minute shake up activities:
Name writingWrite the letters of your name in shaving foam or gel.Write your name using chalk or a pen.What letter does your name begin with?
Music TimeBounce TimeAsk your child to think of things, which bounce (kangaroo, rabbit, Tigger, balls etc.)Bounce a ball. Remember feet together, springy ankles, and bend your knees. Practice bouncing around the room to music, side-to-side, round and round, front and back and around the room. Focus on coordination and balance. Listen to rhythm and move!What else can we bounce? Our shoulders, our knees and our arms!Can we bounce like frogs? Start in a squat and jump to extended legs to another place, back into a squat. Can we bounce like Kangaroos? Big, High, Jumps from standing. Can we bounce like rabbits?
Listen to a storyListen to the story ‘The Owl Babies’
What animal is in the story?How many owls are in the story?Draw the owls. What do they look like?