Year4 Christmas Nativity Play

Last week, we were practicing our Christmas nativity play .Each class had a different song to learn about Christmas. I am Isabella, and I was assigned a role of Gabrielle. I am really enjoying playing the role, because Gabrielle is very helpful to Joseph and Marry. Also the playing in encouraging children to know about Christmas and the story of Jesus. I am Matthew, I have no role in the play but I am enjoying singing the Wiseman song.

Editor: Isabella F & Matthew

Dogs Trust Assembly

We had a visit from the Dogs Trust to teach us all about being safe around dogs and what we should do if we want to stroke one and if a dog comes running up to us.

We met Gromit, he is a stuffed dog. He showed us what dogs might do when they first meet us.

Fire Safety Talk

We learnt about the importance of smoke alarms, what to do if we see lots of smoke and other fire safety tips.

Please remember to always check your smoke alarms work and be fire safe!