We hope you had a lovely new year and Christmas. I hope you all had a delightful holiday and a good rest. Now Yr6 are getting prepared for there Sats. Also, we need you to encourage them as much as possible since we have a lot of hard/exciting work coming up.

From the YR6 students.


The children are very anxious about Sats, its only a few months away. Dont worry because we are here to help and educate them. However, the children need to revise a lot in order to pass their sats.

We also have tuition, they have to go because they need to learn the basics before they do the real thing. Some people are enthusiastic about Sats and others aren’t.

Here are some children’s opinions:

Nervous because I don’t know if i am going to pass or fail.

I am scared, terrified, and petrefied because it is the most hardest time of the year.

https://www.sats-papers.co.uk/ks2-sats-papers/– This will help you with your Sats

By: Maiyah Raeburn, Munawwara Karemi and Sabrine Mouri.

Roaring into 2020!

Happy new year!

Welcome back, we hope you had a restful break and are ready to roar into 2020!

A polite reminder it is very important to read and question your children on a book every night.

Your child can also access Numbots (with their TTRockstars login), TTRockstars, Spelling Shed and Purple Mash for vital educational games.

Children will be monitored on these sites and the top 2 from each class will receive a treat of a hot chocolate and biscuit on a Friday! Last Week’s Achievers were Zaina, Vihaan, Sukhmani, Anum, Japji, Ameila, Anastasia, Shatkashi and Vanessa. Last week we had extra achievers as this was over the whole Christmas break! Well done guys!

PACT folders should be returned on a Wednesday (no earlier, as you should be reading every night) Please ensure you are signing your child’s reading diary even if you have read a book from home.

The SATs are fast approaching and we have lots of work to do so this support is highly necessary!

We thank you for your continued support



Rocky road!

Year 2 has made their own rocky road cake! They used many different treats such as chocalate, cherrys and many more!
Do you want to make your own rocky road?
You will nee

450g milk chocolate, broken into pieces
150g Digestives biscuits, broken into 1cm chunks
100g mini marshmallows
2 x 40g Crunchie bars, cut into 1cm chunks
20cm square cake tin

Year two agreed that this is delicious and would like to do more cooking in the future.

BY: Maiyah Raeburn, Munawwara Karemi and Sabrine Mouri..