Holly’s amazing art

Today we had a special guest called Holly she showed us all different types  of art like abstract shading  and photography. She is a art student  and an amazing  artist so hopefully she becomes a artist in the near future .

We had a lot of interesting questions we enjoyed having her in our class . She has been many places like France, USA and Paris. She used different types of materials like a pallete knife, charcoal and oil pastels.

by Abbas and Varisha




Red Class


Children in Need

We had great fun today! We learnt what children in need does and how it helps children all over the country. We got to wear our own clothes that were spots or stripes!

We are looking forward to raising lots of money from the cake sale!

Children in Need

This week we have been collecting and donating money for Children in Need. This charity has been asking for money for a variety of reasons.  One of which is education.  Children need education, this is one of our rights (article 28).  We could help many children by donating money and our time.

This afternoon we will be selling cakes and the money that we collect will be donated to Children in Need.Image result for children in need